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Unleashing the Power of GPT: A High-Level Guide to Generating Exceptional Content

March 11, 20237 min read

dreams api helping businesses with chatgpt

Okay, so now we are going to use the new feature that's available to start generating content using large language models, chat GPT in high level. Today it was rolled out in the social media marketing. The goal is that it will be rolled out in almost every facet that's available on high level, like creating content for your website, funnel emails, and that is the end goal.

I am testing out the stool for the very first time as well and we will learn together. So I clicked on marketing. Marketing right here and your screen might look different.

So with your own level and colors, I have everything inverted. So white is black, black is white. That's how this console looks.


So here from marketing in Planner, social planner right here I'm going to click new post and I'm going to choose this content AI icon. Click on it, I get a pop up and it gives me some options that I went over very briefly. What I recommend that you do is you have an end goal in mind for this content that you are about to generate.

Now for every business person, every business owner, every individual who has a service, a product that they lease, whatever the methods are, the end goal is to have others, either consumers or other business owners, use our service platform. And that is going to be the mentality that I will have when I go through this really quick. Now, right now I have no idea what the content tunnel is going to be.

The brace description, the keyword that is totally okay because the little that I know about Tag Gptpt is that you provided very few phrases, guidelines, context, and it usually does a very good job. So I'm going to assume, since the same model is being used, that it's going to produce similar results. Now enter the title here.

Okay, so first is a mentality to have. The second is we have to convey that mentality to Chad GPT and let it know that they are the best in that field. They are going to help us generate this content.

Which is going to solve what we want from the very beginning is more clients, whether they're consumers or business owners. So for the title I'm going to say the best for Di chat bar that will entice other than glass shop owners. Of course you want to customize this to your own needs.

For example, if you have a limousine company, you can say what would be help me write a title for a social post to entice individuals, couple of business owners to use our limousine on a particular holiday, special events. And one thing that you don't want to do is to be too descriptive where you lock in the child deputy into one load of action and of course the reiterate process that you want to go through. And like I said, it's my first time using this.

So now provide a brief content description. The content is going to be description or a social host. Explain in clear, comfortable manner that we help auto glass shops turn leads into customer.

Return the title and forward to six keywords that would get us direct and deny. And again, there's no right or wrong way to do this. Of course, there's a lot of literature and a lot of that you can find how to perform the best prompts.

What I think is the way we go is, yes, learn about those, but then try them, see how it reacts and learn. And you will naturally get better over time. Keywords here, I'll just give it one.

Let's see. Ari auto Blanis. Okay, so AI auto lumaris enter.

Chat GPT enter. Now the tone. I wanted to be excited because you want to do business with individuals who are excited and not grumpy.

There we go. And I want to return two variations. Okay, so now I generate content and see what happens.

Again, this is my first time using this tool. It came out today on the high level platform. However, it's been a weekish or so, perhaps true, that the chat GPT API became available and then we have been using it in the chatbot conversation that's available through SMS, Instagram, Facebook, Google Maps, where if you're on your phone, you'll see a chat icon and you press it and it converses with you.

Let's generate, see what happens. Okay, generating, cool. Let's see how many that's 43, 75 words.

Introducing, we help autoass shops turn leads, make it easy to boost. So that's one. The other one is hello, tour customer.

Now for single vision experience, returning customer without borders. I think it's pretty good. You can always make it better, always customize it, and there you go.

And of course, I'm assuming that underlying high level is doing more work under the hood to be able to guide the language model to have this outcome. So that all we have to do is input information in a title, description and some keywords. And of course, if you interacted directly with the API, you have more creativity and freedom to do what you want.

I like this. So I'm going and notice you didn't return any titles for us, but they did give us some other keywords. That's okay.

So let's continue. Okay, so there it is. Here's a cool thing.

There are six platforms. Google, my Business, facebook, instagram, LinkedIn, twitter, TikTok. And some of these platforms, like Facebook and LinkedIn, allows you to potentially have multiple accounts.

So like in LinkedIn and Facebook, you can have a page for your business. For Facebook, you can have a page, you can have a group, you can post chill. And then LinkedIn and Facebook, you can use your own personal profiles to post automatically your social media posting.

So I'm going to post everything. Now, some of these platforms do have caveats. For instance, TikTok only allows videos and their shortest videos.

It needs to be, I believe last time I used it was like more than 10 seconds that might have changed or not. Let me reconnect some of these features. Cool, great.

So these were all Facebook and they got all connected. And I'm going to say I want to post every one of these. Okay, now, zero chart, where is our major poster? And that was a gift.

And here are some searches that we can do on high level. And what's really nice is on Splash and Fix Away are usually really good photos that are copyright free and that you can use. So we can let's look for chat bot for answer and see what happens.

And just put chat cool use list. So see here, TikTok does not support only so TikTok only supports video. So what we have to do is check and that error message goes away.

Also post that content that was generated right here. Okay? In Google my business, they usually want to have call to action. So what I'm going to do is have an offer.

Okay? So from today to next month, the Eleven title is going to be CRM with AI chat, chatbot powered chat GPT months free. I'm going to put just for SMS.

Emails generate content to a thousand words, no others. And now I can say, hey, I want to schedule this post for later. I need to send this.

For example, if you're in a situation where you're not the final decision maker, you can send it to another person who can make that decision before it goes on. Or you can just say, hey, post this right now. And that is it.

Now that post that just took me, of course it took nearly 20 minutes from the beginning to end. However, I was doing a lot of explaining and over time this process become automated so that you're doing the same type of quality work with a lot less effort. Now we just posted two.

Let's check out, see our recent post. Okay, here it is. So this is in progress.

One. Oh yeah. So 12345, and I think there's a couple more that are in traverse to be posted.

So this one is instagram. So if I click on preview length, it's going to take me to the post that I just made right now here. And then of course here's Facebook groups, another Facebook group right here.

The other last booking bot Facebook page. Let's check that out. Isn't that cool? Isn't that cool? So thank you for watching this and use this to help your business skyrocket.

We'll talk soon. Thank you.

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The Standard



Command Your Conversations from One Screen

SMS, GMB, Facebook, Instagram,

Integration with Calendar, Automated Appointment Reminders, Auto Missed Call Back

Access to over 200+ Funnels, Website, and Email Templates

Post at Once to GMB, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn

Blog, Forms, Surveys

Workflows to automate your business task, and so much more

Our Secret Sauce Using Google's Dialogflow CX to engage, provide price quotes, and book your leads into your customers.

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